Artist Bio

My name is Cole Hoyer-Winfield and I am an artist and educator from the Great Lakes. Part of my formation as an artist also took place in Southeastern Brazil.

For over ten years I have been pursuing my career as an international artist across various media. My work explores folklore, visual language, and narrative traditions from different cultures and the curiosities of everyday life.

Artist Statement

As humans, each of our identities develop in a spontaneous manner as our lives unfold. Each experience and interaction sprouts new strands of reality, new lines of narrative. These strands often become tangled, however, causing confusion between our future and our past-- between the real and the imaginary. Through our imagination we gather these strands to make sense of the world around us.

My artwork extends through multiple formats, from woodcuts to performances, exploring this dynamic of storytelling in everyday life.

My goal as an artist is to pay homage to the original sequential woodcut masters and to create new, live storytelling techniques. I will attempt to extend these two storytelling media into the social, political, and cultural dialogue of the twenty-first century.
Minneapolis, MN